Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mike Ching's Satisfaction Guarantee

If your crowd does not laugh, applaud, or otherwise respond positively to our 
show AT ALL, your deposit will be refunded and any remaining Show cost will be canceled.
Mike has never missed an engagement

"My Job is a great Magic Show, but my Goal is the Success of your Event" 
Mike understands there is an "ideal" time for entertainment.
We generally have some flexibility to perform at the most appropriate time for you.

(for example: we will not hold you to your "exact" projected
 start time on the confirmation letter, if a party runs slightly late)

~ Please Book Early ~
  The only thing we can't guarantee is that your date will remain open 
if not booked in time. Every year, Mike must decline more than 
1/4 of all showdate requests.  Please CALL for availability (836-1800) 
and send your $100 Deposit & Info as soon as you book. 
(To be fair to all clients we cannot hold a date without a deposit.)

- Cancellation Policy -
We give a COMPLETE REFUND if cancelling up to, or longer than, 60 days 
in advance of Event date.  (* please notify us by email.)   If cancellation is within 
60 days of event, we will return all monies tended except initial $100 deposit. 

C.  Mike Ching 2012